RSS Feed

What Is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way for you to keep updated automatically on websites you like.

RSS feeds will update regularly when Fair Challenge has new content. We offer RSS feeds for all of our articles.

How do I get the RSS feed?

If you have a feed-enabled browser, simply click the link at the top of this page. If that takes you to a page of strange code (it's called XML), you may have to take an extra step to subscribe to the feed. Check your browser's help files.

If you don't have a feed-enabled web browser, or are considering alternatives to Internet Explorer, we suggest Firefox or Opera. Both are excellent choices.

What if I don't have or don't want a feed-enabled browser?

Some email clients can subscribe to RSS feeds, allowing you to receive articles directly in your inbox - a very cool feature. If this is your choice, we recommend Thunderbird.

You can also subscribe to Fair Challenge through an RSS aggregator. Click here to search for an RSS aggregator that's right for you. (Or click here.)

Regardless of the method you use to subscribe (web browser, mail reader, or aggregator), you will use the address at the top of the page.